We are living in an era of some uncertainty which is inspiring us to create comforting spaces where we can nest and surround ourselves with family and friends. We are re-examining our lives, wrapping our arms around what is truly meaningful and letting the rest go. This thinking has given rise to a cleaner aesthetic even in traditional decor. What was once fussy and overly detailed for its own sake is now simplified, having passed through a 21st century filter.

As we have all become more eco-aware, we are seeing organic naturals in the form of reclaimed woods, embroidered linens and unpolished or oxidized metals. Visible structural elements like sawhorse bases, exposed joinery and rustic finishes like ‘cerussing’ provide authenticity. These ‘back to basics’ influences impact on the absence of colour in today’s marketplace. And while neutrals have been very strong for several years, this season they are not totally devoid of colour. Light greys can be soft and warm, while darker greys, like charcoal, look amazing when paired with creams and off whites. Against this neutral palette exuberant brights create energy and lightheartedness. Orange as an accent steals the stage. It can be vibrant and saturated, or softer, appearing as coral tones. Blues appear as sapphire, ocean turquoise and soft teal. The colour Purple reappears after a long absence from home decor. It arrived as deep intense eggplant two years ago and has mutated to lilacs and mauves. Greens are lively and very acidic…awesome when married with light and dark greys or brown neutrals.
Colour choices are a very emotional response to the world around us and I think that these happy ‘brights’ lift our spirits…and whatever our situation, that’s always a good thing.