For the past several seasons at the Industrial Home Furnishings Market, colour has tended to be much more subdued with the majority of upholstery, accessories and artwork displayed in a neutral palette.

This season the market came alive with colour everywhere, specifically various shades of teal, blue and amethyst.

Wood tones on both hardwood flooring and case pieces were also all much lighter in tone. Warm greys, with a wire brush technique applied and whitewashed was very popular. However, dark stains hadn’t completely disappeared, but were now mixed with lighter tones.

Furniture styles took a step back in time–retro styled furniture was everywhere from Scandanavian to teak styled furniture to mid-century modern upholstery.

Gold toned metals and accessories have also made a re-appearance. Apparently, the shift from silver and pewter has begun, but don’t fret if you’ve just selected all pewter for your home, in a few years it will be back in vogue.

Coloured fabrics were shown in a variety of patterns and textures, a mis-matched look for accent pillows created a much more relaxed and collected look. The Ikat pattern was seen quite often.

Mercury glass was a hit for accessorizing bookcases, table scapes and for a little added sparkle.

Artwork was arranged in collages hung over beds, consoles, and mantels. This is great news for the art collector who has run out of wall space and wants to continue to add to their collection.