Even though our summer has been long and hot, it still doesn’t seem possible that it’s coming to a close soon. Traditionally, at this time of year people think about ‘back to school’ and “let’s start thinking about moving from outside endeavor to inside”. People often wonder exactly where to start when re-doing a space. The answer is always the same–from the floor up! The last 15-20 years has been a movement away from wall to wall broadloom to hardwood and stone floors. This means that you now need area rugs to anchor the seating in the living room or great room, and the table in the dining room.
Area rugs have changed so much over the last 10 years, so I thought that a quick overview of what’s available might be interesting. In a few words, area rugs are now modern, clean and simple. Even traditional patterns have a modern spin. The patterns are less detailed and enlarged, and the colour palettes much softer–almost tonal.
New contemporary designs, whether organic, floral or geometric are also paired down to essential design elements. To paraphrase Mies van der Rohe “Less is definitely more!”
Updated colorations evoke more and more tonality expressed predominately in soft gray, cast blues, greens, golds and creams. As one of our designers remarked yesterday, “Gray is the new neutral”, and she was absolutely right!
What makes these gray cast neutrals so interesting is the luster changes achieved by using both wool and silk, or for the more price conscious, wool and rayon.
New to the scene are fibers like hemp, bamboo and aloe. These fibers, woven into lush pile greatly increases the softness of the rug.
The exciting thing for us, as designers, is that anything goes pattern-wise. Whatever the medium, whether Tibetans, Oushak, Persians, Axminister or Kilims, the patterns are endless. Florals, stripes, damasks, animals prints, geometrics, chunky textures, art nouveau patterns, tribal patterns and on and on….definitely something for every ones taste and budget!