Recently we have noticed a new type of clientele in the market for interior design services. This new type of client, Zoomers–or baby boomers with zip as we like to call them–want to live on their own terms, and in the environment that they have worked hard to enjoy. They are investing more than ever in home improvement, and love to surround themselves with cherished objects, friends and family. They still work or volunteer, not because they need to, but because they have figured out that the best way to keep going is to keep going–to stay engaged.
Due to market conditions, many  still live in their own family home choosing to remodel versus downsizing. They prefer open spaces to work, entertain and relax with friends and family in. Gone are the days of “special function” spaces such as exercise rooms and home theatres. Zoomers are looking to create multi-purpose living spaces–a den or study closed off by a door doubles as a guest room with the addition of a pull-out sofa or air bed. Combining the kitchen and family room is a popular design trend that allows for an informal space for casual evenings with friends, chatting and laughing while cooking in their open kitchen. Outdoor spaces and patios serve as full fledged living spaces for relaxing in.
Ease of care tops the list when designing their homes. While they still want to display art objects that hold personal meaning, they do not want unnecessary clutter getting in the way. In a low maintenance home, less is definetely more. Hardwood floors, travertine surfaces and quartz stone counters are just a few ways to reduce the home’s maintenance needs.
Adequate interior lighting is important–in addition to general lighting, this includes adding plenty of task lighting throughout the home. Lighting under kitchen cabinets and thoughtfully placed reading lamps make a big difference in creating a comfortable living environment. Zoomers know better than to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion. They do not want to sink deeply into low furniture when sofas and chairs with structured cushions make it easier to stand up again. With this in mind, we as designers are providing new furnishings that meet both fashion and function.
With their discerning taste and confidence born from varied life experiences, for Zoomers luxury is Wellness in Design.